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Dear Furiends, The Chatterre Trilogy will be on $ale for $3.99 from January 22 8 a.m. PST to January 28th 8 a.m. PST. (For those of you who are members of Kindle Unlimited, it is free.) Enjoy, my furiends! Mr. M  =^.^= ?

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Dear Furiends, Ta-da! – I have finished the box set!!!  I’ve been working hard for a week to format the interior files.  At the moment, The Chatterre Trilogy is only available on Amazon.  (I put my purrsonal stamp on it about a hundred times.) One would think it would be simple to put…

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Beets are semi controversial when it comes to cats. There are some places that say they are okay to be given and some vets even suggest it for things like constipation. However, some say that the Oxalic Acid in them can deplete your pet(s) calcium and cause kidney stones. They say you should avoid until you talk […]

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Sunshine Blogger Award!

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Spencesgirl.com awarded my blog the Sunshine Blogger Award!!! If you haven’t heard of The Sunshine Blogger Award, it’s a way of recognizing bloggers who are positive and whose creativity inspires others. Spencesgirl.com is a blog I enjoy as well and I hope you’ll check her out. Rules: Thank the person who…

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Fill-in Friday #3

1. I prefer reading to watching television. 2.  Sprouting seedlings was much harder than I expected. I can keep nearly any plant alive (now) but I am lucky if 1/10 of my seeds ever sprout. 3. One way that I relax is taking or editing photos. There is something in it that keeps me centered. It is […]

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Story Time Review…..The Sea Puurtector Files Pt. 1

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? The first book of the series one must read is, “Latitudes and Cattitudes.” This little book introduces readers to Xander de Hunter and Simon when they were living in Seattle, Washington.                                                                        Isn’t this the book mom just finished Kali?  Yep, it’s a James Bond type of story but with us felines and…

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